L’Atelier Theatre NY provides corporate workshops for businesses who want to help their employees improve their communication, collaboration and innovation skills.

Like improv actors, business men and women need to think on their feet, communicate clearly and directly, and embody leadership. Through improv, voice and acting exercises, we explore new ways of speaking, foster creativity, and release collaborative energy within the team.


L’Atelier Theatre offers an array of workshops that cater to our clients’ needs in public speaking, team building, media training and other various communication skills. Our techniques focus on building trust and collaboration skills between team members, and improving public speaking skills for leaders.

Our team building workshops are entirely customized to the business’ needs. Most workshops are designed to mix all levels of the hierarchy and constitute the perfect way to connect and have fun with colleagues, in a safe and creative environment.


Team building 3


This workshop focuses on building trust between team members, and improving listening and creative skills among collaborators through improv games. Be it at Christmas time or on a summer retreat, this workshop is a great opportunity to create lasting bonds and have fun as a team.




This workshop is designed to enhance public speaking and presentation skills for members of a team or at an executive level. Leaders will learn to convey a clear, powerful and efficient message to an audience in preparation for a specific speech in front of employees, clients, shareholders, or investors.



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The goal of this workshop is to raise your awareness on your body language and the signals you may send to others without even noticing. The objective here is to identify and deconstructs habits in order to free up the body and voice for a more natural delivery.





Leaders are more and more required to speak on camera, whether it be in the media or in promotional videos. This workshop brings high-level on camera acting techniques to corporate executives and start up entrepreneurs.


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Who are we?

Roxane and Laura, the co-founders of L’Atelier Theatre NY, have the particularity to bring together an in-depth experience in both Business and Theater. With a solid background in business and technology, Laura has led multiple corporate workshops on public speaking, team building and communication skills across the city.  Laura holds an MSc in Business from HEC Paris and an MFA in Acting from Columbia University. Roxane Revon has been teaching theater fro more than 10 years and studied Business at Stanford and directing at Yale University. More info on us here.

Having lived and worked both in Europe and the US for more than a decade, Roxane and Laura teach seamlessly in bilingual settings, both in English and French, depending on our clients’ needs. 

They have said to us

« I wanted to thank you so much for your teachings. I had a blast at my presentation this weekend in front of 250 people. I got 30/40 positive feedbacks after my speech! The audience thought I had done that all my life! »

– Elsa, Digital Business Consulting Company

They have trusted us

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